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    This comprehensive resource center has been designed to enable professionals to easily access trainings, documents, and other resources in one convenient location.

    Are you an individual with autism or a family member looking for resources? Visit the ASERT Resource Center at


    Online HelpDesk and Support Number
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    Online HelpDesk Email ::

     (If the email link does not work, please compose an email message to the help address {You can copy and paste the address from your browser to a new message}. Certain configurations do not support emails from web links.)

    Support Number :: 814.542.3715

    Hours :: M-F :: 8:30-4:00

    HelpDesk phone lines and emails are not staffed on a 24/7 basis. Phone and email inquiries and comments are reviewed Monday through Friday during regular business hours.
    Note: The Online HelpDesk should be used for technical support only; questions about topics such as BS Licensure or FBA training should be addressed to the BAS Training Mailbox:




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    If you are an Adult Autism Waiver provider, please be sure your profile includes your agency name, and that all information is current.

    You can update your profile by clicking:

    • Your name in the top right-hand corner
    • Then on "Edit Profile"

    Please note that the videos do not automatically start where stopped. Please record the time stamp before exiting so you can fast forward to the appropriate spot.

    If you are having trouble viewing videos posted to our Virtual Training and Resource Center (VTC), and you are using Windows 7, please try the following:

    When the window with the video is open (but not playing), you need to adjust your settings.

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