Please note: This information about licensure and training requirements is not applicable to providers of the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) Behavior Specialist Services (BSS) or behavior specialists within the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP). The AAW required trainings for BSS can be found by visiting the AAW Provider Trainings section of this site.

The Bureau of Autism Services is pleased to offer BAS-approved trainings that can be completed toward the Act 62 Behavior Specialist License training requirements.

In this section, you can find:

  • A collection of virtual trainings that can be completed to meet all 90 hours of the requirements
  • A catalogue of face-to-face and virtual trainings, with course numbers, that can be applied toward each of the eight content areas within the 90 hours of BS License training requirements
  • Information about the BAS-approval process for trainings that are developed or provided by other organizations

The information in this section will continue to be updated as additional information and training resources are available.

BSL APPLICATION: The current Behavior Specialist License application is  available on the Board of Medicine website:   

Select "Licensing"; "Health-Related Boards"; then "State Board of Medicine." 

This version of the application includes updated instructions and revised forms, including clarification about submitting BAS-approved training documentation using Form 5.  Special consideration was given to addressing the concerns that have been communicated to us. A process flowchart and responses to frequently asked questions received by the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) and the Department of State (DOS) are also provided on the BAS site as a reference.